Saidal to start producing Covid-19 vaccine as from 29 September

APS - 19 September 2021

ALGIERS- The first batches of Covid-19 vaccine "CoronaVac" will be produced in the production unit of public Group "Saidal" in Constantine on 29 September 2021, Minister of Pharmaceutical Industry Abderrahmane Lotfi Djamel Benbahmed said on Friday.

"The actual production of the Covid-19 vaccine will start on 29 September 2021," affirmed Benbahmed, underlining that the group intends to produce 1 million doses in October, 2 million in November, 3 million in December and over 5.3 million doses as of January 2022.

"CoronaVac" vaccine will be produced in the production unit of public Group Saidal in Constantine in cooperation with the Chinese pharmaceutical company "Sinovac," said the minister, pointing out that this unit's production capacities are 320,000 doses a day, i.e. 8 million doses per month.

"We plan to produce 65 million doses every year, so we can achieve this production without increasing the production capacities (2 shifts) or resorting to other production units," said Benbahmed, underlining that "Algeria will be able to produce 200 million doses a year with Saidal unit in Constantine."

In this regard, he stressed that "Algeria has the industrial and human resources to meet the demands of the country and those of a large part of the African continent."