Algeria-USA Relations : News

Algeria determined to continuously strengthen relations with U.S.

APS - 19 June 2016

WASHINGTON – Algeria is determined to sustain its economic and human development efforts, consolidate its democracy, and continuously strengthen its relations with the U.S. “through close cooperation and strong ties” in all areas, said Algerian ambassador to Washington Madjid Bouguerra.

"Algeria and the U.S. also enjoy strong cooperation in the wider security area, with Algeria contributing unique counterterrorism experience, valuable insights on terrorist groups, and successful CVE (countering violent extremism) and de-radicalization programs,” added the diplomat in an article entitled "Strong U.S. Ally in a Chaotic Region" published by US online paper "The Cipher Brief".

In this article on the situation in Algeria and the Algeria-US relations, Bouguerra added that "Algeria, which is reliable and effective U.S. partner and ally, is today a picture of stability and security.”

In this regard, he recalled that the two countries "have established permanent instruments intended to strengthen relations, including a Strategic Dialogue, which has already convened three sessions alternating between our two capitals.”

On the economic level, he said that Algeria, despite oil price decline having "halved" its revenues from oil sector "is far from collapse."

"Over the years, Algeria has accumulated huge assets which, added to a large supply of natural resources, have helped cushion the impact of the drop in oil revenues," the diplomat explained.

"Thanks to a very cautious macroeconomic policy, Algeria has accumulated comfortable foreign currency reserves of around $145 billion, which have helped cushion the drop in oil prices,” he stressed.

The ambassador has cited a report of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), released early this year, which underscored the "limited effect of the drop in oil prices on Algeria's economic growth.”

The report also explained that the “asset accumulation over the past years helped Algeria "to progressively adjust to the [oil price drop] shock and to reconfigure its growth model.”

In security matter, Ambassador Bouguerra said that Algeria, "respected regional leader” committed to peace and security "firmly believes that security is a shared concern, and that its own security is very much connected to the security of its immediate neighbors.”

In that respect, Algeria has been “steadfast in its active and firm support of its northeastern neighbor Tunisia, with whom we maintain strong counterterrorism cooperation and which has already yielded tangible results,” he affirmed.

"To Mali, its southern neighbor, Algeria has been instrumental in bringing representatives of the government and opposing rebel groups from Northern Mali to the negotiation table and securing a peace agreement between them,” he underlined.

"Algeria is also busily involved on its eastern flank, as it deploys significant efforts to help Libya emerge from a chaotic situation," he recalled.

Moreover, Bouguerra said that peace and stability are “deeply entrenched in the country thanks to bold legislation and policy decisions initiated by President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, including the Charter for Peace and National Reconciliation.”

The Algerian diplomat concluded by mentioning the “ambitious political, economic, and social reform programs launched by Algeria “to rebuild the economy; strengthen democracy, good governance, and the rule of law; and advance human rights, in particular women's rights.”