The Algerian community living in the United States is hereby informed that, in conformity with the provisions of the Civil Status Code, transcription of civil status acts must imperatively be processed by the Consular Section of the Embassy within ten (10) days of marriage proceedings, birth, or death. Failure to abide by this requirement would compel concerned individuals to file for judicial procedure at the Court of Hussein-Dey, which has sole territorial jurisdiction in such matters.

Marriage Registration

Any Algerian national living in the United States of America may have his/her marriage registered at the Algerian Embassy. A Family Book is issued after registration. To that end, applicants must provide the following supporting documents:

  • Copy of the Consular card
  • Original of marriage certificate.
  • Original birth certificate (less than three months old) of applicants.
  • Copy of the birth certificate of spouse if non Algerian National.

Birth Registration

  • Copy of the Consular card, (if not registered, passport of the Algerian parents)
  • Original full birth certificate of the new-born.
  • Family book (Livret de famille) or a copy of marriage certificate.

Report of Death

-In case of death of an Algerian national, the embassy must, without delay, be contacted in order to inform the family and provide assistance and advice, if necessary. The family of deceased must also seek the services of a funeral home in order to gather the appropriate following documents;

  • Proof of citizenship of the deceased.
  • Medical Certificate “non contagious disease”.
  • Original death certificate.
  • Embalming Certificate issued by the funeral services.
  • Transit permit issued by City Hall.

Soci?t? Nationale d?Assurance

  • The Algerian insurance company SAA (Soci?t? Nationale d?Assurance) is currently offering Algerian citizens living overseas an insurance policy, with individual or group coverage, guaranteeing repatriation of the body of a deceased person to Algeria. SAA also guarantees a roundtrip ticket for a close relative accompanying the body during transportation.
  • If interested, please consult the following brochure for details or check SAA?s website :

For further information, please call (202) 265-2800 ext 128.