After 30 years abroad, artist M'hamedBouhaddaj, exhibits his new work

APS - 05 December 2020

TLEMCEN- Painter and sculptor M'HamedBouhaddaj, a child of Tlemcen, returned to his hometown after 30 years of exile, to exhibit his new works at "AbdelkaderAlloula" House of Culture, on the initiative of the Center for Arts.

The self-taught artist, whose artistic reputation is more than confirmed both nationally and internationally, returns to the Tlemcenien public with a new collection of paintings created between 2019 and 2020.

The exhibition, the fruit of a long artistic journey, presents a hundred paintings drawn from various art schools.

On this subject, the oldest painter of Tlemcen at 72 years old will say: "I never bend to the requirements of a specific school. I paint instinctively when I am inspired."

The Tlemcenian public, especially the younger generations, discovers his works, especially those relating to the rock drawings of the Tassili and the sculptures of the ancient man of this region.

The many drawings depict scenes of hunting, dance and prayer, with characters wearing ritual costumes and masks that will become familiar beings that will populate his imagination and artistic reality, explained for his part Amine Boudefla, director of the CAREX Tlemcen.

The artist draws his inspiration from dance and gestures by imparting a visual movement to each of the bodies with unusual shapes that characterize his works, he said.

"A story of exile" is the title of this grandiose exhibition that will last fifteen days (from December 6 to 20) and is an invitation to travel in time through the paintings and sculptures of this humble and modest artist whose experience has transcended national borders.

M'hamedBouhaddaj, born in 1948 in Tlemcen, has since 1984 organized solo exhibitions in Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Spain and France.