Discovered mosaic in Jijel: Nearly 30 archaeological pieces transferred to museum

APS - 27 April 2021

ALGIERS- "Thirty archaeological pieces," extracted from the site of the fortuitous discovery of mosaic in the province of Jijel, have been transferred to the public museum, "Kotama," to prevent them from further damage, said the Ministry of Culture and Arts in a statement.

Works on the discovery site have been "blocked" by units of the municipality who have "suspended the building permit" and secure the site, according to the source.

Teams of specialists from the National Center for Archaeological Research (CNRA) intervened to continue the works, the source added.

Meanwhile, Units of the Directorate of Culture and Arts in the province of Jijel filed a complaint against the project promoter for not having reported the discovery, in accordance with the provision of law 98-04 on heritage protection.