HIFF 2021: Young Nazim Benaidja receives "Special Award"

APS - 15 September 2021

ALGIERS-The young Algerian actor Nazim Benaidja received the "Special Award" of the Stockholm Hope International Film Festival (HIFF), held on 10-13 September, for his role in the short film "Il Reviendra" (He'll Be Back) by Youcef Mahsas, the Algerian Center for Film Development (CADC) announced Tuesday on its Facebook page.

Produced with the contribution of CADC and "Roadcom" Company, "Il Reviendra", a short film of 30 minutes, tells a story whose facts take place in 1997, which begins in the hairdresser's salon of Salem, a forty-year-old man who spends his last day at his store because he intends to stop his activity and sell his premises.

A few moments before closing time, Zaki, 8 years old, enters the salon with his father, who then tries to convince the hairdresser to cut his son's hair, explaining that he has something important to do and that he will come back right after.

Salem then starts to cut the hair of the child while discussing with him, when suddenly, at nightfall, a strong explosion resounds in a nearby street where a terrorist attack had just been committed.

The father not having returned, Salem finds himself alone with Zaki, brilliantly played by the young Nazim Benaidja with Slimane Benouari, Souha Oulha, Ouahid Achour and Mohamed Bendaoued.

Belgium, Germany, France, Ghana, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Egypt, Lebanon, USA and Palestine took part in the festival.