Maissa Bey's novel "Do You Hear in the Mountains" translated into Italian

APS - 22 November 2020

ALGIERS- The novel "Do You Hear in the Mountains" by Algerian writer Maissa Bey will be soon published in Italian after a translation of Barbara Sommovigo, according to the Algerian publisher "Barzakh."

Published in 2002 by "Barzakh" in Algeria and "Aube" in France, this novel will be published by the Italian "Astarte."

"Do You Hear in the Mountains" is an in camera bringing together a former soldier of the French colonial army and a young woman in a trip by train where she will be able for the first time to talk freely about her father who died under torture in 1957.

Born in 1950, Maissa Bey wrote her first novel "In the Beginning Was the Sea" in 1996, then "That Girl" in 2001 for which she won her first literary prize, followed by a series of other novels.