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Bouchouareb: Bill on metrology to promote competitiveness, develop economy

APS - 05 January 2017

ALGIERS-Minister of Industry and Mines Abdessalem Bouchouareb stressed Wednesday in Algiers the bill on the national metrology system will help strengthening national sovereignty and promote industrial competitiveness. ?

The minister, who presented the bill during a plenary session at the People's National Assembly (Lower House of Parliament), chaired by Speaker Mohamed Larbi Ould Khelifa, stated the text was part of a series of economic reforms undertaken by the government, like amendment to the law on SMEs and the Customs code.

The bill on the national metrology system has been developed given the economic developments witnessed domestically, regionally internationally, which highlight the need for adapting the national legislation to the new international industrial standards and supporting the economic and industrial development, Bouchouareb argued. ??

Moreover, the bill aims to set up a unified framework for the establishment of a genuine international metrology system that integrates, for the first time, the aspects of industrial metrology and fundamental metrology, Bouchouareb added.

Today, Algeria needs a system based on an adapted structure and strong infrastructures able to ensure the integrity of domestic and international exchanges while preserving the national economic and consumers' interests, affirmed the minister. ?

"This bill will allow economic operators develop quality according to international standards and position themselves in the international markets to reduce the gap between the metrology system in Algeria and similar systems worldwide," said Bouchouareb.

Furthermore, the bill provides for the establishment of a national reference metrology laboratory and the rehabilitation of non-centralized legal metrology services.