Economics Affairs


The Embassy of Algeria in Washington is pleased to inform the members of the Algerian community living in the United States that they can now do their part in supporting our national economy through the purchase of government- guaranteed Treasury securities made available to the general public through a Domestic Bond Subscription for Economic Growth.

The Finance Ministry has released information defining the modalities and subscriptions as defined in the Ministerial Order issued on May 3, 2016, superseding a previous order released on March 28, 2016, setting the requirements and modalities for issuance by the Treasury of a Domestic Bond Subscription of Economic Growth.

The bond subscription is open to natural and legal persons wishing to buy any or all of the three securities valued respectively at 10,000 Algerian Dinars, 50,000 Algerian Dinars and 1,000,000 Algerian Dinars with maturity periods of 3 and 5 years.

Both nominative or anonymous bonds are available and can be purchased in person or through a third party at points of sale located in Algeria, including banks, post offices, local Treasury offices, insurance companies, and at any Bank of Algeria branch.

The securities are issued in Algerian Dinars and the subscription is made in that currency as well. Further information and downloadable material, including spec sheets, flyers and posters, is available at a dedicated website (