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World Bank: Algeria, among world's sustainable energy champions

APS - 16 February 2017

WASHINGTON- Algeria has emerged as one of the renewable energy champions, among the developing countries group, according a new report of the World Bank, published Wednesday in Washington.

According to this study entitled "Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy", Algeria proved to be one of the leaders in terms of sustainable energy, as it ranked among the 45 countries in the world with solid energy policies.

The report which relies on a new series of indicators said that half of these 45 world leaders are developing countries which are more and more growing as champions of renewable energy.

It mentioned the example of Algeria, South Africa and Egypt in Africa and that of China, India and Malaysia in Asia.

The 2017 edition of the report examines the policies of 111 countries in three areas, which are access to energy, energy efficiency and renewable energies.

With a total score of 69 points out of 100, Algeria obtained 100 points in the indicator of access to energy, 55 points in energy efficiency and 51 points in the development of renewable energies.

Indeed, it positioned itself in the first category of the country obtaining a score between 67 and 100 points, i.e. in the green zone above the yellow and red zones.