Algeria to achieve lasting development thanks to energy transition programme

APS - 30 January 2020

ALGIERS – Minister of Energy Mohamed Arkab said on Wednesday that the Energy Transition Programme, part of the Government's action plan will allow Algeria to achieve lasting development.

Speaking to the press on the sidelines of an information day on safety and security of radioactive sources and associated equipment, organized by the Atomic Energy Commission (COMENA), Arkab said that "the energy ministry's action plan will entail clear objectives in terms of energy transition in all its forms. It will also enhance national hydrocarbons production (gas and oil) in order to raise the foreign exchange earnings and thus achieve sustainable development."

In this regard, the minister has announced that the Government's Action Plan will be presented in the coming days. It "is drawn on the programme of the President of the Republic in all areas, focusing especially on the use of renewable energies."

Following the President of the Republic instruction, Arkab said he contacted a number of Algerian experts, living in Algeria or abroad, and requested their contribution to the country's efforts to develop the energy sector, notably the atomic.

The objective of consultations with these experts consists in learning the new technologies used in the fields of energy and to elaborate a roadmap.
A first meeting with an Algerian expert will take place on next Thursday, at the headquarters of the Energy Ministry.
With regard to the exploitation of shale gas, the minister said that the "explanation given by President Abdelmadjid Tebboune has been clear and we work to apply the President's programme." During the interview he gave to national media outlets last week, the President of the Republic said that the experiences related to the exploitation of shale gas will be assessed "calmly."

All the fringes of the people should know that this underground resource must be exploited, had added the President of the Republic.
"Algeria possesses the world's second or third largest reserves in shale gas. We do not export agricultural products nor industrial ... the door is open to the exploitation of this gas and we will open the debate with influential circles"