Agriculture: US businessmen show great strong interest in cooperation with Algerian counterparts

APS - 17 January 2022

ORAN-US businesses on Monday showed a strong interest in cooperating with their Algerian counterparts in the field of agriculture.

Speaking at a meeting with Algerian farmers and ranchers and "B to B" meetings, U.S. investors expressed great interest in implementing joint projects in Algeria as soon as possible.

In this regard, Don Roberts, farmer and breeder of more than 5,000 dairy cows in the state of Utah and CEO of "Roberts Legacy LLC" specializing in the design of agricultural farms, said that the ground is very conducive in Algeria to establish business relationships in the field of agriculture.

"The will, enthusiasm and know-how are here to implement projects," he said.

The US businessman also hoped to engage in cooperation with Algerians in the production of livestock feed, cattle fattening and dairy production.

For Staheli Dave, Manager of "Staheli West" Group specializing in agricultural equipment, the Algerian market is "very open" to innovations in agricultural machinery.

"We aim to sell our products in this vast country and also make the assembly of machinery in Algeria," he said, stressing that "Algeria is the gateway to Africa. In case we find an Algerian partner for this project, we can produce and export our machines in this region and also to the Middle East."

For his part, Dell Gideon, manager of several companies producing different crops, liquid fertilizers and irrigation systems, stressed the need to strengthen the cooperation ties he had already established with Algerian partners since the first investment in Algeria.

As for the goals behind this cooperation, Dell Gideon referred to the development of Algeria-US agricultural partnerships and advanced technologies for planting, fertilization, harvesting and storage of cereals and the manufacture of livestock feed, as well as the creation of a plant for the manufacture of organic fertilizers and the development of a variety of potato.

The CEO of the US-Algeria Business Council (USABC), Smail Chikhoune, said that growing interest is shown by U.S. investors in the Algerian agricultural sector "which holds significant opportunities."

A mission of Algerian farmers and breeders is scheduled for next May in the United States of America (USA) to explore partnership opportunities.

B to B meetings took place between U.S. investors and Algerian farmers and breeders in the region of Oran to discuss areas of partnership.