Algeria, first reinforcing bar supplier to USA in September

APS - 06 November 2021

ALGIERS- Algeria has been the largest reinforcing bar supplier to the United States of America for September 2021, according to the American official data provided by the Arab Iron and Steel Union (AISU) on its official website.

The preliminary figures provided by the US Department of Commerce show that the United States' total reinforcing bar imports reached 143.950 tonnes in September 2021, 42.662 tonnes of which came from Algeria.

The same data underlined that the US imports of Algerian reinforcing bars amounted to 13.846 tonnes in Augus.

In addition to Algeria, other countries exported, in September, reinforcing bars to the USA, namely Turkey (40.471 tonnes), Mexico (36.707 tonnes), The Dominican Republic (11.772 tonnes) and Costa Rica (5.119 tonnes).