Agriculture : Algeria’s Roadmap to stimulate the agricultural, rural revival programme

APS - 26 December 2019

ALGIERS- Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fishing Cherif Omari announced the ongoing elaboration of a roadmap to stimulate the agricultural, rural revival programme to increase the production capacities and enhance the products of the rural and mountainous regions, said Thursday a ministerial communiqué.

During a coordination meeting devoted to the examination of several questions related to the sector, the Minister stressed that the rural and agricultural renewal program "is among the most effective socioeconomic programs due to the positive results recorded". The revival of the rural and agricultural renewal program is able to "enhance the local product, diversify economic activities in rural areas and ensure the stability of rural families, while improving their living conditions," he added.

A one-of-a-kind institutional innovation, this program makes it possible to ensure sustainable development and to involve the various sectors in making appropriate investment decisions, by taking into account the specificity of rural areas, attraction of the rural workforce and its integration into investment projects, while ensuring its stability, assured the minister.

The Minister called on the different and main players in the sector, to work to find new formulas and practical and modern scientific solutions, to develop the program of rural renewal, in order enrich the roadmap”. This new approach will allow farmers to increase profitability, better manage the factors of production, through the use of new agricultural methods, new production systems, improving the quality of their agricultural products and preserving natural resources, concludes the press release.