Germany to support Algeria in renewable energy sector

APS - 25 March 2021

ALGIERS- Germany is willing to support Algeria to become a pioneer in Africa in the field of renewable energy and in particular green hydrogen, Minister of Energy Transition and Renewable Energies Chems Eddine Chitour, said Thursday in Algiers.

During a Council of the Nation plenary session, chaired by Chairman of the Upper House Salah Goudjil, Chitour said that "Germany will support Algeria in the realization of a project in the field of renewable energy and in particular green hydrogen which can be used instead of natural gas."

The minister was answering a question of Senator Abdelkader Djedi (the National Liberation Front party) on the reasons behind the renunciation by the 'State to the Desertec eco-energy project in southern Algeria.

Regarding the Desertec Project, which was planned under a partnership between Algeria and Germany, the minister explained that the project has not been executed because the banks refused to finance its investment cost "exceeding $450 billion."

By 2035, there will be a large deficit in hydrocarbons, hence the need to turn resolutely towards renewable energies, said Chitour, adding that "within ten years, Algeria needs to work to end its dependence and carry out energy saving projects."

The minister announced that as from 2022, 1,000 megawatts of solar energy would be generated to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, adding that the calls for tenders relating to this project will be launched next July.