Improving institutional, societal mechanisms to fight against corruption, bureaucracy

APS - 28 June 2021

ALGIERS- Chairman of the National Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CNESE) Reda Tir stressed Monday, in Algiers, the "necessity of improving the different institutional and societal mechanisms through strictness and discipline in order "to fight against corruption and bureaucracy.

"We are today faced with the necessity of improving the different institutional and societal mechanisms through an important tool, of which late professor Djilali Liabes had talked, which is strictness and discipline to improve the quality of the organization and the institutional management," said Tir in a meeting entitled "Search for strictness in the thought of Djilali Liabes."

"Strictness, which is expressed in the form of internal laws and regulations of the institutions, is considered as a support of the social systems. It preserves the social structure by cohesion, order and respect of others' rights as well as the fulfillment of duties," he said in this day in tribute to late Liabes.

For Tir, "the different changes which affected today the satisfaction of citizens' needs and their growing desire to obtain quality services easily collide with big obstacles, notably in the organizational, procedural and behavioral aspect related to those responsible for the services, in addition to the absence of strictness which led to the spread of corruption and bureaucracy."

"The interest given to the strictness when producing a service, whether it is public or private, enables to implement mechanisms and methods of quality and to activate them in the management of institutions," he said.

This tribute day, which is held under the patronage of President of the Republic, took place in the presence of the family and friends of late Djilali Liabes, economic and social experts, intellectuals, imams, students and members of the Algerian Muslim Scout League as well as representatives of the Ministry of Culture.