Inking of agreements for Saharan tourism promotion

APS - 06 October 2020

TISSEMSILT- Minister of Tourism, Craft Industry and Family Work Mohamed Hamidou announced Monday, in Tissemsilt, that his department signed a number of agreements for the promotion of Saharan tourism in Algeria.

In a press briefing held on the sidelines of his inspection visit to the province, the minister said that his department signed agreements with Air Algerie, the National Railway Transport Company (SNTF), hotels and travel and tourism agencies aimed at promoting Saharan tourism, which will be in force in October and will last until March 2021.

This operation aims at giving opportunities and a vital importance to the Saharan tourism, enabling the citizens to discover their country, especially as Algeria has two open air museums, namely the Tassili and Ahagar Parks.

Hamidou underlined that his ministry signed agreements with Air Algerie to reduce by half the price of a return ticket (Algiers-Tamanrasset), i.e. DZD15,000 instead of DZD30,000.

The minister said that his department signed recently an agreement with the delegate ministry in charge of microenterprises to finance all the craftsmen and create tourism agencies.