International Renewable Energy Exhibition opens in Oran

APS - 24 May 2021

ORAN- The 11th International Renewable Energy, Clean Energy and Sustainable Development Exhibition (ERA 2021) kicked off Monday, in Oran, with the participation of about fifty companies.

The Exhibition was inaugurated by the Chief Executive Officer of Sonelgaz Group Chaher Boulekhras, in the presence of Sonatrach CEO Toufik Hekkar, local authorities as well as Canada's ambassador to Algeria Christopher Wilkie and Consul General of France to Oran Christophe Jean.

About fifty Algerian companies representing large groups and major players in the renewable energy, such as Sonelgaz, Sonatrach, Gica, Aprue, Cerefe, Cder, Zergoun and Miltech are taking part in this event.

Sonelgaz CEO underlined in a statement to the press, on the sidelines of the opening ceremony, that the execution of the national programmed for the renewable energy development, where the two groups Sonelgaz and Sonatrach constitute the main stakeholders, enables the implementation of a strong national energy industry.

Boulekhras dubbed "fruitful" the partnership between the two groups Sonelgaz and Sonatrach in the field of renewable energy, noting that the programme in question is open to private investors, notably concerning the manufacturing of equipment, engineering, maintenance, etc ...

He underlined that the current challenge is to set up a financial engineering to accompany the investment in renewable energy.

The renewable energy programme consists in producing a volume of 22,000 MW of solar energy by 2030 which will be destined to the national market while maintaining the option of exporting this energy as a strategic objective if the market conditions allow it.