Entrepreneurship: "Jil CAPC" event kicks off in Algiers

APS - 28 December 2020

ALGIERS-The Algerian Confederation of Citizen Employers (CPAC) on Monday held the "Jil CAPC" event in order to strengthen participatory work between young project holders for the creation of wealth and jobs, and set up a young and strong economic basis that boosts economy.

The first edition of "Jil CAPC" seminar is themed "Provincial coordinators are mobilized". All members of the national bureau of Jil CAPC, i.e. more than 20 provincial coordinators, attended the event to present the action plan of CAPC which "focuses on the key role young innovators can play locally in terms of wealth and job creation."

CPAC Chairman Mohamed Sami Agli said that "Jil CAPC", which will be attentive to young talents, aims to "set up a strong and coherent basis under a participatory environment bringing together young project holders and owners of startups."

This "important event" particularly banks on young project holders locally and seeks to be attentive to their concerns while supporting them in their development process.

Twenty-five (25) provincial presidents installed in November last in order to boost Jil CAPC, mobilize the largest number of young project holders and identify the obstacles that hinder the implementation of their projects.

Speaking on this occasion, Jil CPAC Chairman Chemseddine Zitouni said that coordinators were tasked with representing the members of their provinces and supervising young project holders.

The approach adapted by "Jil CAPC" is based on innovation and accelerated entrepreneurship to make the economy and companies more effective, said Zitouni.