Pharmaceuticals: Over 1,000 locally manufactured drugs listed INN

APS - 14 September 2021

ALGIERS-The number of locally manufactured pharmaceutical products has reached 1,102 on the list of international non-proprietary names (INN) while the number of exclusively imported products amounts to 247, Secretary General of the Ministry of Pharmaceutical Industry, Drifa Khoudir announced Monday.

"As part of the regulation of the drug market in light of developments in the trends of national and international markets for various pharmaceutical products, and with a view to reducing the import bill of the sector, the ministry is working to control imports without causing shortages of drugs," said Khoudir at the celebration ceremony of the National Day of Pharmacy.

The measures taken for this purpose include the establishment of regulatory certificates and the development of a new specification for import.

In addition, the ministry will accelerate the registration of the first similar bio-therapeutic drugs and generic drugs to "end the monopoly and reduce the prices of expensive drugs."

"Since January 2021, 17 similar bio-therapeutic drugs have been registered for the first time," she said.