Tindouf: Towards exploitation of Gara-Djebilet deposit

APS - 09 September 2021

TINDOUF- The iron deposit of Gara Djebilet (170 km south-west of Tindouf) will be soon exploited following the field visit made Saturday by a delegation of the Chinese consortium to the region, officials from the Directorate of Energy and Mines (DEM) told APS Thursday.

Speaking in the context of the memorandum of understanding signed between Algeria and China, last March 30, for the exploitation of the iron deposit of Gara-Djebilet, this visit will allow the delegation to discover the site and to discuss the ways allowing the launch of new projects within the framework of the exploitation of this deposit, the sector's director told, Said Boudjelal, told APS.

The Gara-Djebilet iron deposit, one of the largest iron deposits in the world, is rich in a mineral reserve ranging from 3 to 3.5 billion tonnes, of which a quantity of 1.7 billion tonnes will be exploited in a first phase, added the same official.

This strategic project aims to ensure the supply of raw materials to Algerian factories of iron and steel, to contribute to the development of the mining sector and increase Algerian revenues excluding hydrocarbons, concluded the official.