Algeria "follows very closely" latest developments in Mali

APS - 10 January 2022

ALGIERS - The International Mediation in Mali, whose leader is Algeria, said it was "following very closely" the latest developments in the Malian crisis, following the announcement of sanctions against Mali by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), calling for "restraint" from all parties," said Monday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Community Abroad.

In its dual capacity as leader of the international mediation and chairman of the Follow-up Committee of the Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation in Mali, resulting from the Algiers process, and as a neighboring country sharing a long land border and a long history with Mali, Algeria is following very closely the latest developments in the political and security crisis in the Republic of Mali, as well as the ECOWAS' attitude towards the country," the ministry said.

"In compliance with the relevant decisions of the OAU (Organization of African Unity) and the AU (African Union) on unconstitutional changes of government, Algeria has not ceased to call for a return to constitutional order in Mali and to work, in accordance with its responsibilities under the Algiers Agreement and in close collaboration with international partners, to meet the conditions necessary to promote a smooth transition to the lasting restoration of constitutional order in this brotherly country," the source added.

"This commitment reflects Algeria's deep conviction that the peace and reconciliation process and the efforts to restore democratic constitutional order are mutually supportive and require the support of all in a balanced approach, stressed the ministry.