Algeria plays vital role in stability of Sahel

APS - 13 February 2022

ALGIERS - Former president of Niger, Mahamadou Issoufou said Saturday that Algeria plays a vital role in the stability of the Sahel, noting that the security crisis in the region was "colossal" and "difficult" as never before.

Hosting a conference under the theme, "security challenges in the African Sahel region and their impact the region's stability," at the National Institute of Global Strategy Studies (Inesg), Issoufou said that "Algeria is a power" in the African continent and "has the capacity and expertise to contribute to the stability of the Sahel."

In this regard, the former President of Niger said that "the involvement of Algeria must concern all areas," noting that in addition to the military field, "the fight against terrorism and organized crime is also "ideological, political and economic."

Emphasizing the pioneering role of Algeria in the stability of the Sahel region, he listed some initiatives, noting that the country has been at the forefront of the "setting up of mechanisms for cooperation and dialogue" in the region and that it has been the "author" of several peace agreements in the Sahel.

"The fight against terrorist organizations in the Sahel requires the support of Algeria," he added.

"The security crisis that the Sahel region is experiencing today is colossal and difficult as never before," he said.