Lamamra puts forward Algeria's efforts in Libyan dialogue

APS - 09 October 2021

ALGIERS- The minister of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad, Ramtane Lamamra, on Saturday emphasized Algeria's efforts to restore security and stability in Libya by promoting inter-Libyan dialogue and through the creation of the neighbouring states mechanism.

"Algeria's contribution is reflected in its continued efforts to restore peace and stability in Libya. In addition to supporting the national dialogue process, our country has been working to create and activate the mechanism of Libya's neighbouring states," Lamamra said at the celebration of National Diplomacy Day (October 8th).

"Algeria remains committed to the intensification of coordination and cooperation to ensure the success of the political process underway in this brother country, where we hope that the next elections will effectively turn the page on the crisis".

"Algeria is ready to continue its efforts to support our brothers and sisters, and to enable them to benefit from its experience in the field of national reconciliation," the head of Algerian diplomacy said.