Next Arab Summit in Algeria, right and duty

APS - 11 September 2021

ALGIERS- The minister of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad, Ramtane Lamamra, said the next Arab Summit in Algeria was a "right" and a "duty," as it is a pivotal country able to move things forward in a positive way when leading the joint Arab action.

The minister made the statement in an interview granted to the Russian Agency Sputnik, during the Foreign minister tackled several issues, such as the situation in Libya, the Palestinian question or the next Arab summit in Algiers.

"The holding of the Arab Summit in Algeria is a right and a duty, a right because Algeria is a pivotal Arab and influential country, as it has proven throughout history that it was able to lead initiatives and conduct joint Arab action, to move things forward in a positive way."

Algeria is also capable "of making a leap in the joint Arab action and ensuring that positive points take precedence over negative ones."

In this regard, the head of Algerian diplomacy emphasized the need to "rank priorities to focus on elements leading Arab countries to speak with one voice" and "giving priority to Arabs and serve their interests at all levels."

Lamamra stressed that Palestinian people's right to self-determination is a top priority, especially as it is necessary to overcome, as soon as possible, the weak Arab position over the issue to regain the ability to influence the course of events."

The Arab Peace Initiative, Lamamra said, was the last Arab political commitment and the last time Arab countries came together around an objective and positive idea.

He added that reinvigorating the Arab initiative means its reorganization by making it a top priority.