Democratic Freedoms

Freedoms of conscience, of expression, and of assembly have all experienced considerable uptick, a reflection of the country’s manifest commitment to consolidate and advance those rights.

In that respect, the Constitution has enshrined the right to peaceful demonstration, which in the past was associated to the freedom of assembly and association.

Moreover, freedom of religion was enshrined as a right to be exercised in full respect of existing laws, with the goal of framing the issue and protecting it from sectarian practices and radical groups.

The recent constitutional amendments have also served to reaffirm and further strengthen freedom of the (print, audio-visual and social media) press, without any form of censorship. Prohibition of prison sentence for press offenses is now a vested constitutional right.

Other rights, such as the right to a healthy environment, the right to culture, freedom of investment and commerce, academic and scientific research freedom, were also included as constitutional rights and liberties enjoyed by citizens.