Justice System Reform

Algeria has set in place a number of judicial mechanisms intended to protect the rights of citizens, on one hand, and to ensure self-reliance in decision-making by the justice system, on the other.

A revised Algerian legislation adapted to reflect the country's regional and international commitments has generated a number of promulgated texts that contribute to strengthening the fundamental rights and liberties of citizens, including the Code of Criminal Procedures amended on July 23, 2015, and the Criminal Code which came into force on January 16, 2016.

Part of the institutional reforms implemented by Algeria over the past few years, modernization of the justice system has considerably contributed to improving public life in the country.

The Constitution also enshrines other important measures protecting the rights and liberties of citizens, including criminalization of torture and cruel and/or degrading treatment, which used to fall under the Criminal Code.

The Algerian Constitution provides further protection for citizens through a new set of measures intended to safeguard personal information and privacy of individuals. The Constitution now enshrines as well the right of citizens to be protected against arbitrary arrests and the right of indigent citizens to judicial assistance.