Boukadoum reitrates Algeria's rejection of foreign interference in Libya

APS - 09 July 2020

ALGIERS- Foreign Minister Sabri Boukadoum on Saturday reiterated Algeria's rejection of any foreign interference in Libya, adding that all Libyan parties call on Algeria to "continue its efforts for the settlement of the crisis" in this neighboring country.

Invited to the Forum of Echaab daily newspaper, the minister said Algeria "coordinates with all the parties concerned by the Libyan issue, in particular the neighboring countries, with a view to achieving, as soon as possible, a solution ensuring the restoration of peace and stability in this brother country."

"The approach Algeria has adopted in coordination and consultation with neighboring countries aims to put an end to all forms of escalation and to bring the Libyan brothers together around a single dialogue table, without foreign interference."

This "process must begin with a ceasefire, far from the settling of short-term accounts, in order to build trust between Libyans and embark on a dialogue bringing together the different components of the Libyan people, to restore peace and fulfil the expectations of this brotherly people."

Algeria's chief of diplomacy said Algiers "remains on an equal footing with the Libyan belligerents, while urging them to join the political settlement process, supported by the Libyan people, through a broad consultation backed by the neighboring countries under the auspices of the United Nations."

In this regard, he recalled the decision of President Abdelmadjid Tebboune who, at the Berlin conference in early 2020, expressed "Algeria's availability to host meetings among the Libyan brothers, to resume the political process under the auspices of the UN, in line with the political will of the Libyan people."

Boukadoum also mentioned the consultation meeting of ministers of Libya's (Arab-African) neighbors, held in Algiers last February, under the dialogue mechanism to discuss the Libyan issue and find a solution ending the suffering of the Libyan people.