New! The driver license capacity certificate application is now online

The Embassy of Algeria in Washington brings to the attention of Algerians living in the United States and foreigners holders of an Algerian valid driver license that the application for a driver license capacity certificate is now requested online.

The procedures of the online application and the issuance of the driver license capacity certificate are:

1- Creation of an account on the website of the Ministry of the Interior, Local Communities and Territorial Planning ( );

2- Once the account is activated, the applicant can submit an application via an electronic form;

3- The application is received instantly by the Province of the driver license issuance which processes it immediately, after checking the information, by consulting its license file;

4- The capacity certificate is then generated and transmitted electronically to the diplomatic or consular post designated by the applicant to be picked up in person;

5- The certificate is edited and signed by the head of the diplomatic or consular post;

6- To pick up the capacity certificate, the applicant must present the receipt of application printed or downloaded on electronic support and must prove his/her identity and his residence status.

7- The validity of the capacity certificate is 6 months.