President Bouteflika greatly marked history by enshrining Yennayer as national holiday

APS - 09 January 2018

BOUIRA- President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika “has greatly marked history” with the enshrinement of Yennayer as national and official holiday to further strengthen the unity of the Algerian people, said Monday, in Bouira, Minister of Youth and Sport El Hadi Ould Ali.

“President of the Republic Abdelaziz had taken a historic decision. He has greatly marked history by strengthening the unity of the Algerian people though the national and official holiday of Yennayer which is, from now on, celebrated every year in all the country’s provinces,” said the minister in
a press briefing held on the sidelines of the ceremony of the launch of festivities celebrating the new Amazigh year 2968 in the village of Tassala, commune of Taghzout (East of Bouira).

Ould Ali said he is “very pleased” to celebrate Yennayer, this year, officially in Bouira after years of struggle and sacrifices.

“We pay a glowing tribute to President of the Republic for the recognition of Yennayer, and we have to be proud of these gains,” he said.

Through this decision, he added, “President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has strengthened the unity of the Algerians. We must work to preserve this gain as well as the stability and peace in our country,” underlined the minister who visited the different stands of an exhibition devoted to the Berber handicrafts of the locality of Tassala.