Rich programme to celebrate Yennayer 2967 throughout country

APS - 09 January 2017

ALGIERS- The Berber New Year Yennayer 2967 celebrations will be marked by a rich programme of festivities with the participation of "a number of ministerial sectors" and cultural caravans which will travel cross a dozen of Algerian cities from 11 to 16 January, said Monday in Algiers General Secretary of the High Commission of Tamazight (HCA), Si El Hachemi Assad.

Speaking at a press briefing, Si El Hachemi Assad set out several musical performances, lectures, exhibitions, and a small book fair, adding that the celebrations involve this year, "the ministries of Culture, National Education and Youth and Sports in addition to local communities and civil protection."

This "broad mobilization" for Yennayer 2967 illustrates, according to Si El Hachemi Assad, an "identity awakening" of the Algerian citizen who "reconciled with his history."

The celebrations are expected to start from Algiers with exhibitions of book, crafts and traditional dishes, musical shows, besides a meeting on "the historical knowledge on the celebration of Yennayer" and parade of the Civil Protection units.

On 11 January, the cultural caravans will head to B�ni Snous in Tlemcen, Touggourt (Ouargla), Batna, Guelma, B�ja�a, S�tif and Tissemsilt where festive programmes are planned until 16 January in the partnership of local collectivities, the cultural centres and the associative movement.

A lesson on Yennayer celebration will be given in all the schools throughout the country, which will also welcome the festivities celebrating the Amazigh New Year, he added.

In collaboration with the cultural association "Numidya," a "Yennayer festival" including thematic meetings, art representations, lessons in Tamazight and exhibitions are also planned from 10 to 14 January in Oran.

The HCA General Secretary also announced the signature on January 11 of a partnership with Algeria Post for the use of Tamazight in this company and the issuance of stamps in Tamazight.

Referring to the HCA programme �for year 2017, Si El Hachemi Assad announced the elaboration of a programme �to celebrate the centenary of the birth of the writer, anthropologist and linguist Mouloud Mammeri (1917-1989) , the re-edition and translation into Tamazight of his works, symposia and a festival dedicated to the Ahalil in Timimoun.

2017 will also be the "year of continuous training" for Tamazight teachers, justice clerks and journalists practicing in Tamazight, he said, in addition to the contribution to the "introduction of Tamazight in the Environment" through the use of signage concept proposed by the HCA, and for which B�ja�a was chosen as pilot city for the project.

The HCA chief also mentioned the "finalization of the project" of the National Center for Research in Berber Language and Culture in B�ja�a.