Student Day, celebration of resolutely engaged Algerian youth

ALGIERS - The celebration of National Student Day, May 19, perpetuates the strong symbolism of the Algerian youth, who were fully committed to liberating and building their country.

On May 19, 1956, the students went on strike and decided to leave universities and high schools and join the ranks of the Revolution, in response to the call of the General Union of Algerian Muslim Students (UGEMA).

Through their move, they provided crucial support to the struggle of the Algerian people to free themselves from the yoke of French colonization.

This memorable event, celebrated since then as National Student Day, has largely contributed to making the national cause voice heard by countries around the world.

By joining the Revolution of November 1954, the Algerian students exploited their skills in various fields for the sake of liberty and independence.

They subsequently became the senior executives of the National Liberation Army (ALN) which, thanks to their skills and competence rose to the level of a modern, structured and organized army.

Last year, the celebration of the 64th anniversary of National Student Day was marked by the launch of the thematic channel "El Maarifa" (knowledge), devoted in particular to distance education.

Broadcasting its programmes via the Algerian satellite Alcomsat-1, this new channel provides students with a series of courses in all disciplines of the three cycles of education, including examination classes.

In his swearing-in speech on December 19th, President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune said that the Higher Education and Scientific Research sector will be granted particular attention in order to enable it to play a "pioneering role in the building of the new Algerian Republic."

The Head of State had stressed the need to develop programmes to raise the level of graduates and build bridges between the world of work and the University, in order to make it "the locomotive of 'a strong economy'.

In addition to training, the promotion of youth is also political. The organic law on the amended electoral regime provides for encouraging young people to join the elected assemblies. It stipulates that the State shall provide the funding for the electoral campaign of young independent candidates.