Algeria rejects any government change by force in Mali

APS - 25 May 2021

ALGIERS-Algeria "firmly rejects" any action aimed at changing the government in Mali by force and urges the Malians to privilege dialogue for peaceful transition, said Tuesday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a communiqué.

"Algeria is following with great concern the latest developments in the Republic of Mali and stresses its firm rejection of any action leading to a change of government by force, in violation of the cardinal principle of the African Union (AU) on this issue," said the ministry.

It "calls on all the concerned actors to show a sense of responsibility and to give priority to dialogue in order to preserve the peaceful conduct of the transition and maintain peace and stability in the country."

"Algeria reaffirms its support for the Malian transitional authorities, under the leadership of the Head of State Bah N'Daw, to whom it has continued to provide multifaceted support in order to ensure return of constitutional order, based on the commitments made under the Transitional Charter adopted on 12 September 2020, and endorsed by the UN, AU and ECOWAS," said the source.

In Mali, the situation has been tense since the new government was announced on Monday.

The president and prime minister of the transition Bah Ndaw and Moctar Ouane were taken under duress by soldiers to the military camp of Kati, near Bamako in an apparent power grab after the formation of the new government.