Bust of Maurice Audin, activist of Algerian cause, inaugurated in Algiers

APS - 05 June 2022

ALGIERS- The bust of Maurice Audin, an activist of the Algerian cause assassinated by the French colonial army, was inaugurated at Audin Square of Algiers on Sunday, the eve of the commemoration of the 65th anniversary of his tragic disappearance.

The inauguration took place in the presence of Pierre Audin, the son of Maurice Audin, Pierre Mansat, the chairman of Josette and Maurice Audin Association, Ahmed Maabed, the wali (governor) of Algiers, in addition to local and military officials and citizens.

The son of the Algerian cause activist expressed his "pride" of being in the square named after his father, "a supporter of Algeria's independence."

The wali of Algiers said that the inauguration day was a very important day as it confirmed the acknowledgment of "the greatness and bravery of Maurice Audin, who sacrificed his life for the Algerian cause."