Detachment of Russian warships docks at Algiers port

APS - 13 November 2020

ALGIERS- A detachment of Russian warships docked Friday at the port of Algiers to partake in the international exercise "Joint Naval Exercise - 2021," with a view to promoting joint actions of the Algerian-Russian maritime forces, the Ministry of National Defence said Saturday in a statement.

"As part of the strengthening of the Algerian-Russian military cooperation under the 2021 exercise, a detachment of Russian warships, consisting of the frigate "Admiral Grigorovich," the patrol boat "Dmitri Rogachev" and the rescue boat "SB-742," cocked on Friday, November 12, 2021, at the port of Algiers to participate in the international exercise "Joint Naval Exercise - 2021" with the Algerian navy ships," the same source said.

The exercise will continue until November 20, according to the source.

The Russian and Algerian ships' crews will conduct communication exercises, joint operation sessions, training of inspection teams, a demonstration exercise on damage control, added the source.

The Russian delegation was received by commander of the central maritime facade, General Noureddine Kaïd, before officially kicking off the joint maritime exercise, the same source concluded.