Human Rights Council: Algeria calls for respect for States sovereignty

APS - 03 July 2020

GENEVA- Algeria's permanent mission to the United Nations Office at Geneva called for the respect for States' sovereignty and their territorial integrity, on the occasion of the 44th session of the Human Rights Council.

"Algeria calls for respect for the sovereignty of States, in accordance with the universal principles of non-interference in internal affairs which are enshrined in the United Nations Charter," said on Thursday Mehdi Litim, charge d'affaires at the Algerian mission, during an interactive debate with UN human rights chief, Michelle Bachelet.

It also "urges the international community to scrupulously respect the territorial integrity of all countries, including some situations raised during this session."

Algeria"welcomes the commitment of the OHCHR Bureau to implementing the 2030 agenda, citing as such" the notable achievements" that the country has "recorded in terms of human rights through the promotion of democratic pluralism, human development and access to fundamental rights," he said.

Algeria also shared Bachelet worries about the current situation of human rights in the Palestinian occupied territories and strongly condemned Israel's plan to annex the West Bank, he added.

"We are also awaiting an update of the list of companies established in colonized territories, contributing to the continuation of colonization, and call for the cessation of their activities," said the Algerian diplomat.

Bachelet denounced the illegality of the Israeli plan to annex the West Bank on Monday, warning that its "shock waves will last decades".