President Tebboune: Our objective is safeguarding the country

APS - 20 July 2020

ALGIERS - President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune affirmed, Sunday during his interview with national media leaders, that the objective he has been working for was "safeguarding the country," ensuring that "things were progressing well" despite the attempts by some individuals "to sow seeds of contention and weaken the country."

"The objective of New Algeria is the protection and the safeguard of the nation, which is a national duty and a right for all Algerians. Every effort count to help address the country’s situation and put an end to the mentality of exclusion on the ground of change in senior positions," said President Tebboune.

All national experts and competences are welcome, said the Head of the State.

Underlining his determination to "restore harmony between the Algerian people," President Tebboune advocated a "definitive break between the past and the present in order to build a future which will be the extension of the present."

Moreover, the Head of the State said that structuring change of the new State depends on a "new consensual and lasting Constitution which draws lessons from the past experiences."

The Head of the State stressed the need for elaborating laws that moralize the political and economic life" and for transparent and constant economic decisions that would enable citizen to monitor public funding.

Reiterating the existence of a strong political willingness for change, the President of the Republic noted that its success requires the "support of citizens".

Rigorous law to protect healthcare personnel

Broaching the health crisis facing the country, President Tebboune announced the tightening of sanctions against those who assault medical staff through "a rigorous law" to be promulgated next week for the protection of medical and paramedical personnel as well as hospital officials.

"As a person, as a citizen and as a president, I am disappointed to see that doctors and nurses, who have not seen their children for four months, be attacked and assaulted," said the President of the Republic, describing these personnel as" real mujahedeen (fighters)."

The Head of State assured that "the doctors are under the full protection of the Algerian state and the Algerian people".

To this end, he warned that any assault on medical personnel, whether physical or verbal, implies severe punishments "ranging from 5 to 10 years in prison".

Deep changes to end ‘rent mentality’ in national economy

Concerning the economic sector, the President of the Republic announced that deep changes will be engaged soon, with a view to eradicating ‘the rent mentality’ in the national economy, generating wealth and promoting competitiveness and innovation. We aspire to (build) an economy in which human resources are the foundation of development and growth, he said.

State efforts will be mainly focused on the creation of a solid fabric of small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), underpinned by a network of innovative startups and micro-enterprises, he said, adding that this fabric will serve as the driving force for the national economy. President Tebboune said Algeria is looking to “reduce the share of hydrocarbons in national economy (funding) to 20% by the end of 2021.

Sectors such as agriculture and start-ups, along with the control of excessive import are likely to contribute to the expected economic diversification.
The meeting scheduled for August 16-17 on the socioeconomic recovery plan will constitute the platform to move towards an economy based on innovation and diversification, he concluded.