Unemployment benefit of DZD13.000 from March

APS - 15 February 2022

ALGIERS- President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune said the unemployment benefit has been set at DZD13.000 and will be granted from March 2022.

"Algeria will be the first non-European country to establish an employment allowance in the form of a pre-salary to preserve the dignity of the young," President Tebboune said in an interview with representatives of national media, excerpts of which will be broadcast on Algerian public TV.

The young recipients will also benefit from health-care coverage, according to the president of the Republic, who added that the budget devoted to the allowance is provided for by the Finance Act 2022.

In addition, the head of State disclosed a new measure to reduce the tax burden upon bakers, from next March.

Taxes imposed on bakers will be henceforth calculated on profits, not on total turnover as they had been before.

The decision will be formalized in the next supplementary finance act, according to Tebboune.