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Batna: Observation of Sardinian warbler for first time in Algeria

APS - 01 December 2020

BATNA- The Sardinian warbler, a small and very discreet migratory passerine bird, was observed and photographed for the first time in Algeria by two naturalist photographers on Metlili Moutain, 60 km south of Batna, announced Tuesday the NatAurès collective.

The observation by two naturalist photographers Toufik Lemoufek and El Eulmi Benmokhtar was then confirmed by fifteen naturalists from the country who rushed into the juniper scrubland of Phoenicia of this mountain (1495 meters of altitude) of the Saharan Atlas once the announcement about "this golden observation" was made on social networks, said the source.

According to Salah Telailia, biologist and ornithologist at Chadli Bendjedid University in El Tarf, who was one of the first curious people to go to the mountain, this observation deserves "big bravo to Benmokhtar and Toufik for their investigation efforts."

"We should broaden the observation scope for the whole area but with prudence and patience," said Telailia.

"It is a masterpiece," said Mourad Harzallah, one of Algeria's old naturalist photographers, who also made the trip to Bordj Bou Arreridj in Batna. He assured that he had been searching for the bird for five years.