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COP15 on biodiversity: Algeria calls to support developing countries to achieve objectives

APS - 13 October 2021

ALGIERS- Minister of Environment Samia Moualfi called Wednesday during the 15th meeting of the Conference on the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD COP15), held by videoconference, the international community to establish an ambitious framework to protect the biological diversity, by providing a technical and financial support to the developing countries to enable them to achieve set objectives.

The international community must guarantee the financial resources, technology transfer and capacity-building, said Moualfi who took part in a round table on "the preservation of diversity and sustainable development" as part of this conference, hosted by China under the theme "Ecological Civilization: Building a Share Future for All Life on Earth."

The international community must ensure the realization of a global vision likely to take into consideration the requirements of adaptability with the harmful effects of climate change, including the repercussions caused by desertification, forest fires and to reduce the risks arising from other natural disasters.

It also should take into account food systems requirements, by making sure that the policies aimed to preserve the biological diversity are a factor able to ensure food security, said the minister.

The international community must work, through the international framework post-2020, towards the implementation of solutions and methods that help achieve the objectives set by the UN Convention on biological diversity, by maintaining a balance between these objectives.

Through its policies, Algeria works towards the preservation of its animal wealth which is very vulnerable to climate change and human activity, she said.

Algeria's efforts gave rise to a governmental policy, to which President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune attaches a special interest, and which is based on the governmental plan adopted recently by the Parliament's two chambers, added the minister.