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Discovery of two rare gazelles in west of Algeria

APS - 25 November 2020

TISSEMSILT- Two gazelles of the rare species "Atlantic gazelle", were discovered in the municipality of Ammari (the province of Tissemsilt; 250 km west of Algiers), the forest conservation directorate said Wednesday.

Fauna and Flora Protection Chief Amar Ould Amara told APS that one of the Atlantic gazelle (female) was discovered dead on Tuesday evening while the other one (male) was found trapped in a fence in a remote area in Ammari commune.

The units of forest conservation, along with civil protection agents, intervened to rescue the animal.

The same source said that the two gazelles were transported to the house of the Cedar National Park in the municipality of Theniet El-Had to provide the necessary care and mummify the other for the purposes of research.

Ould Amara stressed that the favorite places for herds of gazelles in Tissemssilt were identified in the communes of Layoune, Ouled Bessam, Ammari and Mâacem.