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Iherir wetland, area of great ecological importance

APS - 02 February 2021

ILLIZI-The Forest Conservation Services of the province of Illizi are working on the development of the Iherir wetland which constitutes an area of ecological importance, as evidenced by its listing on the Ramsar list of wetlands of world importance.

Iherir is located at the heart of a rocky site, with its lush vegetation, its gueltas and bodies of water with fish, its lush vegetation and the diversity of its fauna, is the delight of tourists who visit the Tassili N'Ajjer, the Deputy Curator of Forests Abdeslam Arab told APS.

In order to preserve this area and its ecological balance, the services of the Forest Conservation of the province of Illizi are working, in coordination with various partners including the services of Environment and Water Resources, to develop Iherir wetland through projects aimed at protecting the site from threats such as overexploitation of resources, especially water, and various forms of pollution, said Arab.

The projects also include the development of Oued Iherir and the biological treatment of water discharged into the course of the Oued, he explained.

The oasis of Iherir is home to activities to celebrate World Wetlands Day (February 2), this year themed "Wetlands and Water". The Forest Conservation has developed a celebration programme that includes the distribution of leaflets to students to introduce them to the wetlands of the province and raise awareness about the importance of preserving biodiversity, in addition to cleanup actions.

The Illizi Forest Conservation has so far identified more than 35 species of migratory birds throughout various wetlands and water bodies of Tassili N'Ajjer region, namely in Tifertine, Ifni, Tamadjert and Iherir, said Arab.