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IWF: Proposal to set up academy of women scholars under President of the Republic

APS - 13 December 2021

ALGIERS- Participants in the first International Women's Forum (IWF), held on Saturday and Sunday in Algiers, have proposed to set up an academy of women scholars directly under the President of the Republic.

At the end of this economic event, organized by the General Confederation of Algerian Enterprises (CGEA), the recommendations included "recognition of Algerian women's skills, and this by creating the first Algerian academy of women scholars directly under the President of the Republic."

The participants also called for the "strengthening of the national legal arsenal to protect women in the labor market," as well as "punishing moral harassment and sexist behavior in the workplace, which hinders the development of women in the labor market."

They also called for greater access for women to all decision-making and political posts on the basis of their skills, stressing the need to eliminate all forms of favoritism with regard to women's employment.

Efforts should be redoubled to better include women's products in the economy by facilitating marketing channels, access to credit and the evaluation of women's work, as well as the protection of the value chains of agricultural products that are closely linked to women's knowledge, recommended the participants.