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Oran First National Fair on Saffron Cultivation successful

APS - 04 April 2021

Oran (Algeria)- The First National Fair on Saffron Cultivation which wrapped up Saturday in Oran (432-km west of Algiers) was successful at all levels in terms of sales which have exceeded expectations of exhibitors.

During this three-day fair at the "Manbar El Hadaik" nursery sales of this product exceeded the expectations of exhibitors, president of the Algerian Association for the Promotion of Saffron Cultivation, Abdellah Rouibi.

More than nine kilograms of saffron have been sold, said Rouibi.

The price of saffron was unified at this event and estimated at DZD2000 per gram, he added noting that this price is not high compared to that in other countries.

The Algerian association for the promotion of saffron cultivation intends to organize similar exhibitions in different provinces of the country "to promote this Algerian product of good quality."