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Sputnik V vaccine production: Saidal to start training shortly

APS - 13 April 2021

ALGIERS- Training for the staff in charge of producing Russian Coronavirus vaccine "Sputnik V" will start soon, according to the Chief Executive Officer of the public pharmaceutical group Saidal Fatoum Akacem.

In this regard, Akacem underlined the delicacy of the field of virology which requires specific training, while pointing out that "every effort will be made to take up the challenge of being ready by the date set by the minister, i.e. September 2021."

She expressed her satisfaction at choosing Saidal to produce Sputnik V and which is related, according to her, to sovereignty reasons.

The Coronavirus vaccine will be produced in Saidal plant of Constantine which is technically and technologically ready as well as in terms of qualification," she stressed.

"All that remains is to upgrade it in terms of the vaccine specificity and talks with all the equipment suppliers have been engaged for this purpose," according to Saidal's CEO, pointing out that confidentiality agreements were signed as well as those of technology transfer.

"The Russian partner is very attentive to Saidal's needs," she affirmed.