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Up to 3,300 breeding waterbirds listed in Constantine

APS - 07 June 2020

CONSTANTINE - Up to 3,300 breeding waterbirds were listed last May in Constantine by experts at the migratory bird watching unit, said on Saturday the head of the Local Forest Conservation Information Unit, Ali Zaghrour.

Zaghrour told APS that this national census of breeding waterbirds, which took place from May 19 to 31, was conducted in all wetlands of the province. The listing was part of the national network of Algerian bird watchers (RNOOA) activities, ahead of the International Migratory Bird Day.

"The water bodies spread out in different parts of the city of Constantine are places of rest and breeding for several species of migratory birds, that use the migration corridor between Europe and Africa," said the same official.

The counting operation supervised by 7 experts from Constantine, aims to complete the database and monitoring of forest conservation in the section of wetlands and to have an exhaustive knowledge of the number of nesting waterbirds and their density in the region, he added.

In this regard, he said that the experts are currently monitoring all the indicators relating to nesting sites, eggs and nestlings observed on the banks of wetlands.