African Wrestling Championships: Bidani (+109kg), Hirech (87kg) snatch six gold medals

APS - 29 May 2021

NAIROBI- Algerian weightlifters: Walid Bidani (+109 kg) and Bouchra Hirech (87 kg) marked the 3rd day of the Senior African Championships, played on Saturday in Nairobi (Kenya), by winning 6 gold medals, thus bringing the total number of the Algerian medals up to 39 medals (10 gold, 18 silver, 11 bronze).

In addition to these three gold medals, Bidani also broke the African snatch record by lifting a bar at 201 kg.

On Saturday Kheira Hammou (71kg, 1 silver and two bronze), Maghnia Hammadi (76 kg, 3 bronze), Farid Saadi (102 kg, 3 silver) and Salim Elbagour (96kg , three bronze) also won medals.

Other Algerian weightlifters shined during the first two days, notably with the performance of Faris Touairi (89 kg), who won three gold medals and broke the African record lifting a weight of 165 kg, as well as his teammate Abdelraouf Chettoui (55 kg), winner of gold medal and two silver.

The other silver medals were won by Fatima Zohra Laghouati (55 kg), Ikram Cherara (64 kg), Adel Lahcen (67 kg) and Nafaâ Sariak (73 kg), while those in bronze went to Samir Fardj-Allah (81 kg).

Fifteen Algerian weightlifters (10 men and 5 women) compete in Nairobi, initially scheduled for 2020, before being postponed to 2021 due to Covid-19. This will be the last qualifying stage for African athletes for the Tokyo Olympics (July 23-August 8, 2021).