Morocco prevents US delegation from visiting human rights activist Sultana Khaya

APS - 02 October 2021

Occupied BOUJDOUR- Saharawi human rights activist Sultana Khaya said Moroccan occupation authorities had prevented an American delegation from visiting her, last Thursday, to inquire about her situation at home, in the occupied town of Boujdour, where she has been under house arrest since 2020.

Sultana Khaya said in a statement that a delegation from the US embassy was to make a one-day visit to Western Sahara last Thursday, "in order to see firsthand the reality of the Saharawi people in terms of human, economic and social rights."

"The delegation contacted me through mediators to meet with me and inquire about my situation, as a human rights activist from Western Sahara, where I live under house arrest in my home in Boujdour," the president of the Sahrawi League for Human Rights and the Protection of Wealth in Boujdour said.

The human right activist lamented that "American officials succumbed to Moroccan pressure to prevent them from visiting me and seeing my reality with my family."

"In fact, an embassy official asked to meet me in occupied El-Ayoun, a sort of denial of the reality in which I live," she regretted, posting a video with her statement showing her "besieged house and the unmasked reality that the Moroccan occupation authorities are trying to hide."

Sultana Khiya said that she had been detained, monitored and prevented from leaving her home for more than 319 days."

She noted that the videos were filmed from inside her house, in Boujdour, and the individuals surrounding the house "are agents of the various (Moroccan) security services deployed on the four corners of the family home."

"This is because of my positions on human rights. And I am the victim of many violations such as rape, torture and looting of my home several times with the confiscation of everything, furniture, electrical meter, clothes, phones and appliances...etc," said the human rights activist who wanted to inform international organizations and media of these facts.