Polisario Front calls on Gueterres to end Morocco brutality against Sahrawi people

APS - 13 February 2022

NEW YORK (United Nations)- The Polisario Front has strongly condemned the ongoing scorched earth policy conducted by the Moroccan occupier against the Sahrawi people and its recent intimidation and dispossession campaign to deprive the Sahrawis of their property, calling on the United Nations to end the acts of brutality and terrorism endured by the Sahrawi people.

"On the instructions of my country, I wrote you with the greatest concern to attract your attention and that of the Security Council to the ongoing scorched earth policy conducted by the Moroccan State since the beginning of its illegal military occupation of Western Sahara on 31 October 1975, in order to exterminate the Sahrawi people and confiscate their land and wealth," the representative of the Polisario Front to the United Nations and coordinator with MINURSI Mohamed Sidi Omar wrote in a letter to the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

In his letter Mohamed Sidi Omar presented the latest reports on the occupied Sahrawi territories which show that "the Moroccan occupation authorities conduct a scorched earth policy against several families living outside big cities of occupied Western Sahara," pointing out that "from the first day of their illegal occupation, the Moroccan forces have used the most horrible ways of massacre by imposing a military siege and a media black-out in areas encircled by the wall of sand (wall of shame)."

He also denounced "the ongoing intimidations and reprisals against the civilians, human rights activists and journalists in the occupied Sahrawi territories."