UNHCR calls for more support to Sahrawi refugees

APS - 10 May 2021

ALGIERS- The UNHCR representative in Algeria, Agostino Mulas, on Monday launched a call for greater support for the Sahrawi refugees and the most vulnerable people living among the community of refugees, adding that the support of these people "is needed more than ever."

In a statement on the occasion of the end of the holy month of Ramadan, "the refugees in the Sahrawi camps, those in Algiers and asylum seekers are vulnerable. They find themselves in different and difficult conditions and require urgent care and special needs," Mulas said in a statement.

He stressed that the global pandemic has had an impact on the fragile health system in the Sahrawi camps, and has worsened the difficult situation of a population which lives in "difficult conditions in the Sahara desert, and which depends solely on humanitarian aid"

Coinciding with the holy month of Ramadan, UNHCR launched the global fundraising campaign "Every Second Counts". Donations received in the form of Zakat, Sadaqah, or general donations can ease the burden on forcibly displaced families who are far from home and loved ones.

The UNHCR representative affirmed that "Algeria has a long tradition of solidarity with refugees" but the humanitarian needs are great, therefore, we urgently need the international community and private donors to respond to this initiative that focuses on the donations of individuals to change the lives of refugees and displaced families."

Mulas revealed that financial support is needed for UNHCR to continue providing life-saving assistance to refugees and the most vulnerable, stressing that UNHCR protects and provides assistance to Sahrawi refugees living in the five camps near Tindouf and to urban refugees and asylum seekers in Algiers